The Future Of Business - The NEW Attention Shift

Are you giving it away? - The Future Of Business - The NEW Attention Shift -

The modem was screeching, trying to make that handshake with another modem, if I could just connect to that modem, I could get the information I need. I had a book with pages of phone numbers for most of the BBS’s out on there in the world, they published books with theme as well. You could download drivers and programs, it was great fun, but it took forever on a 300 or 2400 Baud modem. The days…

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Content Marketing Is A Scam!

Content by any other name - Content Marketing Is A Scam! -

When we don’t fully understand something, or we fear the thing, we give it a name to justify our rational towards it. There is no secret to content marketing, or content, it is just that, content…. with a message, and most of it is geared to selling something. As much as we all say, “I don’t like selling”, that’s what we do every day, in our conversations, and in our blog content, we’re either…

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The Future Of Business - Is Now Being Taught By Mainstream

The New Normal — The Future Of Business - Is Now Being Taught By Mainstream -

Remember back in 1994 when the big boom happened, and then the big bust! A funny thing has been happening lately, and it appears to be picking up speed, especially in the main stream. Now this may seem like old news, or you might even think, well DUH! I wrote a long while back I wrote a 2 part article that, everyone will eventually be an affiliate marketer of something, and part 2 is here– the…

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The Fan Series - Teri Conrad

Who are You a Fan of, Have You Told Them? - The Fan Series - Teri Conrad —

Teri headshot

Teri Conrad

Who are you a fan of, who gets your attention, have you told them, if not, do it, tell them in as many ways as you can. We all look for validation, it doesn’t matter from whom really, we’ll take the praise from people we may never know, we just need to feel important, what’s sad about this need is, we’re already important!

Something we should be doing, giving away, and not waiting for…

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The Shameless Plug Or Sharing

Some Thoughts On - The Shameless Plug -

We really do like to promote ourselves, oh sure we say we don’t like to talk about ourselves, or pump what we do and who we might be in the pecking order. We do want people to know what we do and how well we’ve done it, we merely disguise it as a shameless plug, well we jest that at it. If you ask a person what they do, they’ll most likely tell you their job title, not what they actually do, we…

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Creative People Are

How do you see creative people - Creative People Are -

Creative People Are:

1.) Are Easily Bored

2.) Risk Takers

3.) Color Outside The Lines

4.) Think With Their Heart

5.) Make Lots Of Mistakes

6.) Usually Hate The Rules

7.) Tend To Work Independently

8.) Are Fickle – They Change Their Mind Alot

9.) Have a Reputation For Being Eccentric

10.) Dream BIG!!!!

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Is The Inbox No Longer Sacred?

Is The Inbox No Longer Sacred?

Recently I wrote about privacy & security, I find it interesting that email is still considered open season. I can stop you from posting on my wall, and very little else. Consider how much time one can use to filter or manage the ongoing spam, email your friends think you should read, and then there’s the deluge of offers from Internet Marketers.

One not talked about often, is emails from those…

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Open & Free Business Model - Identifying Revenue Streams

Open & Free Business Model - Identifying Revenue Streams -

One of my favorite sessions in my workshops is helping entrepreneurs and business owners identify revenue streams, online and off. There’s a lot of work that goes into this before you can actually execute, there are some things you should think about before nailing down your top three profit center’s. This is a very high level approach, but you’ll get the idea.

- Pick the highest margin,…

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Security & Privacy

Which Do You Prefer - Security & Privacy -

There is a difference. With all that is changing in the world, countries considered super powers, all that they can do, one thing is certain, we can’t have both.

The fact that the NSA records 100% of all phone calls from 6 countries, and is looking to expand their reach, raises questions about privacy. Which means, we can only hope for security, one could argue that Security and Privacy are the…

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The Future Of Business - Who’s In Charge?

The Future Of Business - Who’s In Charge? -


For years I’ve shared with you about where business is going, and how it is changing, I’ve tried to plant idea’s into your noggin, with the hopes of giving you some insight, or….foresight of what’s to come, and what to do about it. Everything is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up, and yet, so many are doing what they’ve always done, and many don’t understand why business is still changing. We…

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